>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

Barry has brought home many things during his business travels though out the U.S. , Europe & Canada. They are one of the many "perks" he gets just for visiting the companies he does business with. Up until now one of the favorite things he has brought home are all the books on the history of the town he has visited. They really come in handy when he can't remember just what he took a picture of, plus I'm a huge fan of learning about the history of old towns in Europe. But as I said they were my favorite up until now, that's because last night we opened up a bottle of Icewine he was given from a company in Canada. OMG is this stuff amazing. The grapes for this type of wine are harvested in January after they are frozen. Letting them freeze produces a sweet and mellow dessert wine. From the Wineries website....

· Brilliant gold colour with an aromatic bouquet of apricot, pineapple, floral honey, quince, star-fruit and cardamom spice
· A luscious mouth-feel with intense flavours of sweet lemons, tangerines, pineapple, juicy pears and peaches
· Lemons, oranges and tangerines linger through on the finish
· The amazing concentration of acidity softens the sweetness of the wine and leaves a cool refreshing finish

If your looking for a new wine to try or maybe your new to the wine drinking world I highly recommend Icewine. The bottle we have is from the Peller Estates Check them out and I promise you will not be sorry.

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