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>> Sunday, November 23, 2008

A giveaway that One2One Network is sponsoring for ALL of us, will have lots of winners. The prizes are: 1st place=$200 gift card to Spafinder.com and Seal’s new CD, Soul; 2nd and 3rd place=$100 gift card to Spafinder.com and Seal’s Soul CD; 4th place Seal’s Soul CD (40 winners). How everyone can enter this contest: embed the widget (link to widget below) on your blog or any social media site (the widget has easy peasy “get & share” instructions). You get one additional entry for each location the widget is placed. All entrants must email the url of the location they put the widget to me at arianne.segerman@one2onenetwork.com to be entered (you are entered by putting the widget in your review, and of course are welcome to additional entries the same as your readers). Contest ends Dec 1st.

The widget is really cool, and plays two of Seal’s songs and the music video for each song. The widget can be found here: http://www.clearspring.com/widgets/490b6d3729deba87

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quitecontrary1977 November 23, 2008 at 11:34 PM  

I couldn't get the widget code fpr myspace or blogger to work!


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